The truth that was swept under the rug

Creationism vs. Evolution

Mr. Michael Stone, the “Portland Progressive Examiner” ( rants about the Texas Board of Education considering “new curriculum…designed to challenge evolution, and introduce creationism”.  This short article is my response.

They want to ADD stuff to the curriculum. They don’t remove evolution. They add creationism. This is good. If you want to promote knowledge and thinking that is. However, if you (Mr. Stone) want to indoctrinate, this is bad. I understand your frustration. As an engineer and scientist who is also a religious individual, I myself deal with these contradictions all the time. Let me explain this contradiction on a different level. Liberals are comfortable with thinking that we are all evolved from apes. This means that the past is low and unsophisticated. We should look forward to change, and away from traditions that belong to the “lower” past. Along with that goes the constitution and all of what many of us used to call “America” just two or three decades ago. Conservatives believe that our origin is divine. Thus, the past is perfect and anything that takes us farther from the past can not be as good. Conservatives cherish traditions, the constitution and the good old USA. How is that for a summary of the clash we are in?


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