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NY 20th Congressional District Projection on Obama

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If you live outside NY state, or even outside this district, you may not have heard about this drama. It all started when Senator Clinton moved to Obama’s administration leaving a vacant senate seat. Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand from this district was picked to fill Clinton’s vacancy in the senate, moving the vacancy to NY 20th district house seat. On March 31st, special elections were held in this district to fill the vacancy.        

Background about the district: “I think a fairer way to look at this district is as a classic swing vote district, Siena College pollster Greenberg tells Newsmax”. In 2008, Gillibrand (the departing democrat rep.) trounced her Republican opponent by 14 percentage points. In the presidential race, Obama handily defeated Republican John McCain in this congressional district.

Why is this race important? “The stakes are high, with the contest being widely cited as an early measure of Obama’s ability to sustain his popularity and translate it into political success… Obama had given Murphy a strong endorsement, twice sending messages to his Organizing for America e-mail list developed during the presidential campaign… Vice President Joe Biden was dispatched to help, and voiced a radio commercial backing Murphy that aired during the closing days of the race.” (Newmax). 

What are the results? Democrat Scott Murphy led Republican Jim Tedisco, 77,344 votes to 77,279 Tuesday. There were more than 10,000 absentee ballots issued and about 6,000 returned by Tuesday, none of which was to be counted Tuesday night. Absentee ballots will be accepted and counted through April 13.

Conclusion: On one hand, the district is swinging back from Obama towards the middle or beyond. A great message to the Obama administration. On the other hand, the Republican Party is far from coming back to its senses, and still can not hand a blow.


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How Did Obama Get Voted In?

A good entry from “gunnerdad” in on the question “Obama voters, do you regret Voting for Obama?”

I didn’t vote for him and neither did nearly 75% of the eligible voters. 
Consider that the turnout was just over 50% of the voters. Pretty sad commentary for our Country. Then consider that BO got just over 50% of those people and JM got just under 50%. That means 50% of 50% voted for either party. So something like 28% of the “eligible” voters elected the President of the United States. Seems we may be getting what we deserve. As for the Bush haters…your Democratic Congress encouraged the banks to run their housing racket so people who shouldn’t have gotten loans to begin with. And someone started the run on the money market funds that started the melt down in September that got BO elected. And as usual it all got away from them and our children and grand-children will have to pay for all of these Trillions he’s going to spend trying to spend our way out of the mess we’re in. 
You should all be worried. Just like the latest vote from Congress in placing a 90% tax on the few people from AIG. Your group may be next if this stands. The whole point of all that is to draw everyones attention from the fact that 55 Billion Dollars of the bailout money went to overseas banks to cover AIG’s debts. That’s 55 Billion of US taxpayers money that just went bye bye with absolutly no chance of any gain for us. Those bonuses are less than 1% of that money but oh are we making a deal about that. What about the other 99%? 
I pray I am wrong but I fear we will all suffer because we (you) elected a rock star…not a President. God Bless America and ALL who Defend Her

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