The truth that was swept under the rug

Global Warming…

Excerpts from the Washington Post, 12/24/2010

The exceptionally wintry weather in recent weeks has caused exceptionally sweeping shutdowns, delays and other problems. Cities such as London and Paris, not as accustomed to flying planes in below-freezing temperatures buckled under the snow. Travelers spent Christmas Eve camped in airports in Paris and Brussels…..after new snowfall and shortages of deicing fluid trapped passengers.  In Brussels, the Red Cross was bringing in hundreds of cots for passengers spending the night at the airport. …passengers at the Paris airport were asked to leave a section of a major terminal…because of large amounts of snow on the roof. …Shortages of the (de-icing) fluid hit airports in Ireland and Belgium as well, leading to a domino effect of delays around the continent. …Surprise snow threw Ireland’s main Dublin airport into chaos with some 40,000 travelers stranded or delayed. …The unexpected Irish cold snap is also killing cows, sheep and pigs – and particularly young salmon at Ireland’s fish farms. …In Denmark, Police in the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm urged people to stay indoors…Some 400 passengers on two ferries to the island spent Thursday night on the ferries. …

Yup. It’s warming up.


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Armed Society Is Polite Society

Todd Wright from MIAMI MSNBC , is (based on his article) an anti-gun reporter. His article is about new rules that “will allow people with concealed weapons permits to bring their guns to parks, ball fields, beaches, camping grounds and a host of other publicly-owned areas where children frolic” in Palm Beach County. Interestingly enough – this is how he opens his article: “residents might want to think twice about starting an argument with another parent”. Mr. Right ignores the fact that holders of Concealed Weapon Permits are hardly ever involved in gun crimes, but he does acknowledge that an armed society is a polite society and for that he is praised! To read the article follow this link:

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ATF Attack On 2nd Amendment And Gun Rights

“As soon as next month, gun sellers with a federal firearms license in Texas could be required to furnish letters to ATF chronicling the sale of two or more semi-automatic rifles to one person within a five-day period. The policy covers guns with a caliber greater than .22 and a detachable magazine clip, including the AR-15 and AK-47s, which ATF says are increasingly being used in border crimes.Gun rights advocates, including Gov. Rick Perry, say the policy is misguided and would unfairly target legitimate businessmen — the gun sellers — under the guise of securing the border.”

I think Mr. Perri is  missing the point. It is not about being fair to Texas gun sellers. It is about using the violence in Mexico as an excuse to encroach on the 2nd amendment. The violence in Mexico is not to be solved by taking away freedoms from U.S citizens. If the Mexican government has a problem with guns being smuggled into Mexico – it is more than welcome to put its forces along the border and seal it, from the Mexican side. And to both directions please.

Other questions that come to mind: If the ATF has the power to impose such requirements, where does it end? And how far will it expand after people get used to abide by such a requirement?

The the Article in the “Texas Tribune” can be found at:

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